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The Taters – Presskit

2017 is The Taters’ 20th Anniversary!

…That’s 20 years of musical virtuosity, perfect harmonies, tight instrumentation, cosmic song juxtaposition, and outright joyful silliness. Craig Evans and Brad Tucker started it all, adding old friend Greg Marrs and Chris Mendez along the way and perfecting a sound that’s unmistakably Tater-fied and consistently surprising. Elizabeth Cotten to Led Zeppelin to Ledbelly to Dean Martin all in one set. It goes to show you never can tell.”
– North of the James, Anne Jones, review

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The Taters

The Taters banner 2017 (Mark Breen, photo)

The Taters

The Taters (Mark Breen, photo)

The Taters

The Taters (sepia). (Mark Breen, photo)

The Taters

The Taters banner 2 (Mark Breen, photo)

The Taters 2016

The Taters 2016 (photo Dan Ewert)

The Taters (Skip Rowland)

The Taters (photo Skip Rowland)

The Taters (Skip Rowland)

The Taters (Skip Rowland)

The Taters (photo Mark Breen)

The Taters (photo Mark Breen)

The Taters
The Taters (photo Mark Breen)

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Soundclips & CDs

The Taters’ Halloween album, DON’T SCREAM!
Songs to Keep You Up at Night!
The Taters’ Christmas single
My First Christmas (with You)

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  • Craig Evans – Vocals, bass, piano
  • Brad Tucker – Vocals, guitar, bass
  • Greg Marrs – Vocals, guitar, mandolin, banjo
  • Chris Mendez – Vocals, drums, percussion

Infectious melodies & high energy songwriting makes menagerie an immediate favourite among Taterheads! You’ll be singing along by the second verse! This is songwriting from a time when irresistible hooks were just expected, and the Taters don’t disappoint!

Roots-pop: an eclectic mix of roots-rock, power-pop, country, and Americana, a sound that’s been described as “Country roots-pop with the genius songwriting of 60’s & 70’s power-pop, …a curious mix of Mavericks, Everly Brothers, Roy Orbison and Beatles” (CDBaby). Billboard Magazine calls it “American roots-rock with thoroughly modern, totally hip sensibilities”. No Depression magazine describes it like this: “Think ‘Beatles For Sale’ if Marty Robbins were a primary influence instead of Carl Perkins.” The Washington Post says the Taters “Successfully combine the best elements of Buddy Holly with the vocal harmonies of the Everly Brothers.”

The Tater Brothers

When Craig Evans and Brad Tucker started singing together in the early 1980’s, neither could have guessed how long that partnership would last.  2017 celebrates 20 years as The Taters, with 8 CDs of music out – the most recent a Halloween project titled “DON’T SCREAM!”, they continue to mine their collective experience to craft songs with unforgettable hooks and pop melodies, and to add classic tunes to their repertoire that reflect a wide range of interests and influences. Layers of acoustic and electric guitars mix with 3 and 4 part harmonies to give each song its own personality while the lead vocals and songwriting pull it all together into a very satisfying whole.

What’s all this about Taters?

Writing in Billboard Magazine, the internationally published “bible” of the music industry, critic Gordon Ely described the Taters as “determinedly-and gleefully-forging a path with no limits or end in sight. This is music for which you’ve been waiting a long, long time… Without a trace of self-consciousness or pretension, the Taters draw up a formula that can rightly be claimed as their own”.

The Taters - Don't Scream CDDON’T SCREAM! CD Description

We love Halloween music, and most anything Halloweeny (weenie?) so we were very excited to get going on the “DON’T SCREAM!” CD. It had to be done quickly – we had about a month to finish some new songs, do rehearsals, recording and mixing. It made just in time – about a week before Halloween and we had the finished product!

Bill McElroy, our engineer, is the pro’s pro so he pulled it all together for us. Bill has worked with The Taters on every one of their 7 albums over the last few decades, as well as some special projects including the Cocoanut Jewelry radio & TV jingles heard on TV and radio.

This is our first Halloween-themed album, and it’s a very Richmond/Ashland-centric production. In addition to the three originals from Craig, there is a song from long-time songwriter friend Ira Marlowe, who was based in Richmond for years (the song on the CD “Do the Monster” was written while he was living here). The graphics were done by Phillip Payne of ProPayne Graphics, several of the guest musicians are (or were at one time) Richmond-based, and the CD is opened with a bit from Richmond legend The Bowman Body. It was recorded in Ashland at Slipped Disc Audio, and the CD release party was held at Ashland Coffee & Tea, just north of Richmond.

The title of the CD, “DON’T SCREAM!” is taken from an Andrew Gold song, “Don’t Scream (It’s Only Halloween)”, another track on the CD.

Regional Information

The Taters have played the Richmond and central VA area for over 17 years, with 7 CDs of original tunes out. Starting out as an alt-country trio, with acoustic gtr, bass and percussion, we’ve expanded to a quartet (electric guitar & drums), and the music has moved more in a power-pop direction over the last 5 years, though still lots of early country influences. Our biggest emphasis is on melody and vocal harmonies, making us a hit with crowds who grew up in the 60s & 70s and loved AM and early FM radio. The band has been included on several tribute albums, including tributes to Jellyfish, Squeeze, and Rick Nelson.


“American roots-rock with thoroughly modern, totally hip sensibilities”
Billboard Magazine

“The Taters soar through a catalog of Americana and ’60s-era pop influences”
– Richmond Times-Dispatch

“Think ‘Beatles For Sale’, if Marty Robbins were a primary influence instead of Carl Perkins “
No Depression Magazine

“Picture ELO gone Americana, and you’ll get the idea”
– Mike Lidskin, TWIRL Radio

“Country roots-pop, dashed with the genius songwriting of 60’s & 70’s power-pop, like a curious, accidental mix of the Mavericks, the Everly Brothers, Roy Orbison and the Beatles”
– CD Baby

“Successfully combine the best elements of Buddy Holly with the vocal harmonies of the Everly Brothers.”
Washington Post

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The Taters, winners of Billboard Magazine’s Critic’s Choice, described as “Country Roots-pop with the genius songwriting of 60’s & 70’s power-pop, …curious mix of Mavericks, Everlys, Roy Orbison and Beatles” (CDBaby). They have played shows with Willie Nelson, Emmylou Harris, Patty Loveless, Los Lobos, Dwight Yoakam and many others.

Contact Information & Links

Band Information & Inquiries:

Craig Evans / The Taters
email – info@theTaters.com
web – theTaters.com
Google Voice -804-592-1322 (for voicemail messages)

Bookings, Road Manager & Technical:

Mike Gribik
email – Mike@thetaters.com
Voicemail – 724-288-5892

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