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2017 Marks two decades of Tatering !

Yep, 2017 is the 20th Anniversary of the band, which began in Jan 1997 with just Craig & Brad as a duo! Lots happening this year, including 2 shows with The Richmond Symphony, so check back here and our Facebook page to keep up! And be sure to check out the calendar page to see some of the shows being added to the calendar!

…That’s 20 years of musical virtuosity, perfect harmonies, tight instrumentation, cosmic song juxtaposition, and outright joyful silliness. Craig Evans and Brad Tucker started it all, adding old friend Greg Marrs and Chris Mendez along the way and perfecting a sound that’s unmistakably Tater-fied and consistently surprising. Elizabeth Cotten to Led Zeppelin to Ledbelly to Dean Martin all in one set. It goes to show you never can tell.”
North of the James, Anne Jones, review

“The Taters soar through a catalog of Americana and ’60s-era pop influences”

The Taters play an eclectic mix of roots rock, pop, country, skiffle & Americana, a sound that’s been compared favorably to a mixture of Everlys, Orbison, Beatles, and Nick Lowe. Writing in Billboard Magazine, critic Gordon Ely described the Taters as “determinedly-and gleefully-forging a path with no limits or end in sight. This is music for which you’ve been waiting a long, long time… Without a trace of self-consciousness or pretension, the Taters draw up a formula that can rightly be claimed as their own”.

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“Don’t know the Taters? Pick up Taters Party to start, and then dive into the back catalog. You won’t be sorry”– Alan Haber, Pure Pop Radio

“The crowd cheered, people danced, they absolutely saved our event!”
Ron Carter. CEO, Children Incorporated

Tater Music
Tater Events “Think ‘Beatles For Sale’, if Marty Robbins were a primary influence instead of Carl Perkins “- No Depression Magazine

“Picture ELO gone Americana, and you’ll get the idea”
Mike Lidskin, TWIRL Radio

“We can’t think of any group we would rather present on our stage”

– Lou Gramann, Friends of the Rappahannock

“The connection between singer-bassist Craig Evans and guitarist Brad Tucker goes back more than 20 years. That kind of knowledge and interplay is responsible for the crisp harmonies and infectious hooks of the band’s old school roots-pop”- Durham Herald-Sun“Country roots-pop, dashed with the genius songwriting of 60’s & 70’s power-pop, like a curious, accidental mix of the Mavericks, the Everly Brothers, Roy Orbison and the Beatles” – CD Baby

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