Surviving the Summer

Hope everyone is making it thru this heat! We’ve already had one show canceled due to extreme hot-itude, so I hope that doesn’t happen for more! Got a bunch of outdoor things coming up over the next month or two, and many are out of Richmond, so it’s a great chance to get to meet new folks and reconnect with some we only see once a year or so. The show in Arlington this past weekend went ahead as scheduled, but I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t pretty unpleasantly hot! The crew at the park did a great job keeping water and lemonade available for the people who came out, and they kept their nature center opened – it was AC’d! – so folks could go in there for a respite. Not a huge crowd, and I can’t really blame someone for not braving it. But all the more reason to give a BIG THANKS to those who did come out. We really appreciated the support and hope once you cooled down you remembered having a good time 🙂

We had a great turnout, despite some struggling AC issues, in Ashland at the Rock & Roll Jubilee show on Jun 30. This was the 11th one of these we’ve done, which was hard for me to believe! We started, I think, in 2009, and we do generally do 2-3 a year. We’ve got another coming up in October in Ashland and then in January at the Glen Allen Cultural Arts Center. Lots of work going into each one, but it all feels worth it once the show is running! If you’re a Facebook user, you can check out the Jubilee page there for shots from the shows, and there’s also a YouTube channel. I try to cross-post on the Taters channel and FB as well.

Work on the new CD, Taters Party!, is going well. We are mixing this week, and are still hoping for an early Fall release if funds hold out! I’ll be giving you more details on this once I have them. And those of you who are helping with the street team effort, we’ll have stuff that’ll need your assist as well!